Why Do I Need…Wedding Insurance?


Shortly after her wedding, Natalia Esparra received the news no new bride wants to hear—something went wrong with the memory card in the photographer’s camera and nearly all of the photos from the couple’s big day had disappeared.

Unfortunately, problems with wedding vendors happen more often than you think. When vendors go out of business, don’t show up or have problems with their equipment, it puts a damper on your celebration. Inclement weather and unexpected injury or illness to key people involved in the wedding are other calamities that leave you scrambling to find an alternate location, or in some cases, a completely new date for your wedding. This adds even more expense to a day that has already cost you a lot of money and time to plan.

Like homes and cars, weddings are big-ticket items; the average cost of a wedding in Canada in 2014 was nearly $32,000, according to a recent survey. With so many key people, vendors and sometimes uncontrollable circumstances involved in one day, there’s always potential for something unexpected to happen.

A survey from 2014 found that couples in Canada spend, on average, nearly $32,000 on weddings.

To protect their investment from the unexpected, many brides and grooms purchase wedding insurance. Although Natalia was unable to recover the original photos from the celebration, her wedding insurance policy paid $550 so the couple could recreate some shots in their wedding attire.

The cost of wedding insurance varies based on what you need coverage for and how much coverage is needed.

With wedding insurance, you can relax and enjoy your celebration; if anything goes awry, you’re covered.

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